Engraved Promise Ring

An engraved promise ring is a great reminder of a certain commitment that you made. More often than not, it holds a promise between lovers. This promise ring is usually given by a couple to one another before engagement rings and of course, wedding rings.

Why You Should Get And Give An Engraved Promise Ring
Just as love is sealed with a kiss, the promise of it is sealed with a ring. Rather than giving a simple promise ring, why not make it more special by engraving beautiful words in it? Engraved promise rings seem to deepen the commitment that you made to each other. It is also a way to personalize or customize the ring. Engraving the rings will serve as a better and more special reminder of why the ring is in your finger in the first place. Every single day, you will be reminded of the love and support that is symbolized by the engraved promise ring. What better way to say “I love you” and remind each other of it than wearing one of these.

Tips And Ideas For An Engraved Promise Ring
When it comes to engraving your promise rings, there instantly come a lot of things or words that come to your mind. It is actually overwhelming and confusing. Giving an engraved promise ring is something that needs a lot of thought. You not only have to consider the words or message that is going to be engraved, you also have to think of where you are going to engrave it and the style of the engraving.

When it comes to the place of engraving, you can either do it inside the ring or on the outside of it. Most couples would engrave the insides of the rings but there are also those with words on the outside. Either way, make sure that it is engraved in a nice way and make sure that there are no mistakes in spelling. You should also make sure that it is readable or else, engraving the ring will just be a waste.

As for the message or the content of what you are going to engrave, it requires more thought. First thing, the words should fit the dimensions of the ring. You can choose to engrave personal memories, phrases, dates, names, and symbols. Remember that what should be engraved is of importance to both of you.

Saying it and living by your commitment to each other is enhanced by engraved promise rings. Make it more special and wear it proudly. With an engraved promise ring, the commitment you made is engraved both in the rings and in your hearts.